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wanna see something delicious?

Good evening everyone.

Today is my roommate’s 21st birthday, and so I decided to hit Japonaise Bakery & Cafe in Brookline to pick up two slices of cake.  Before going to the bakery, I looked at their menu and had no idea what to get.  It all looked SO GOOD.  To narrow it down, I decided whatever I got had to involve chocolate.

Needless to say, their online menu was not comprehensive.  They had a number of other options in the actual store, which just complicated things (in a good way)!  I noticed they had French macarons – something I’ve been absolutely dying to try, so I instantly decided I would get two green tea flavored ones (they were so. amazing. I can’t even.).  As for the cake…

the african queen

OKAY, I was hasty and took a bite out of the cake before getting a shot of it, but you get the idea!  Three (or four? In my chocolate-induced coma, I failed to pay attention!) airy layers of chocolate cake accompanied by layers of creamy chocolate mousse with thin-sliced bananas, all topped with a fudgey chocolate layer of some sort (it wasn’t a ganache, and I’m not a baker, so suffice it to say it was a deliciously thick layer of chocolate love) dusted with cocoa powder.  Oh. My.  The cocoa powder perfectly matched the sweetness of the rest of the cake.  It was airy, not rich enough to hit your stomach like a brick, which is dangerous because you’d be tempted to have more than one slice of this if you had a whole cake nearby (then again, why would that be a bad thing?).

Japonaise Bakery & Cafe is so close to where I live, but I have never gone in before!  They had quite an abundance of free samples, which is always endearing!  Needless to say, I’ll probably become a frequent visitor – especially for more of those macarons.  I ate mine so fast, there was no chance of getting a picture.  Guess I’ll just have to pick more up….