making food from anywhere, with anything

in under an hour.

Hello everyone.

Today is the last day of the semester, and yesterday was a farewell party (of sorts) for one of my classes.  We all had to bring food, and while most people brought doritos or out-of-the-box brownies (which were really chewy, and not in a good way), I decided to make somewhat of a meal.

I called it paella, even though it bares little resemblance to an authentic paella.  Especially since I made it in less than an hour right before class.  Perhaps I should call this “chicken and rice,” rather than paella.

hot off the stove

Excuse this, but I have to:  Someone in my class took it upon themselves to remind me that paella is usually made with seafood.  So, I returned the advice (?) by telling her that when there is a meat involved, paella is traditionally made with rabbit (or chicken, or really, whatever you have on hand…as paella is what would be called a “peasant dish” because any and all ingredients available go into it).  This only provoked another snarky comment regarding the paella she had when she was in Spain, and I resolved to let her rant because it clearly made her feel better to put down the food that I busted my ass to make before class.  I just want to say, I know what I made isn’t authentic paella, but I did put effort into what I brought.  I left work an hour early to make it.   When she learns how to make proper, not-soggy deviled eggs (they were so soggy, they fell exaggeration), she can come to me with paella instructions.

Now that that little story is out of the way, I’d have to say that the chicken and rice came out pretty well.  The chicken was especially flavorful because I threw it in a marinade the night before.  It involved red wine vinegar, cilantro, bay leaves, pepper and lots of paprika.  What the exact proportions of all the ingredients were, I’ll never know.  If you want to make an authentic paella, I advise you to go here. It is the most authentic recipe I’ve yet to find, and I’ve been searching for months.  I really ought to invest in a paella pan…perhaps I’ll add that to my ever-growing summer “to do” list.

Anyway, that takes care of my chicken and rice inventory.  Now, all I have left in the freezer are some miscellaneous berries, two chicken drumsticks, and two pork chops.  Plus an assortment of leftover pork, “paella,” and spanakoptia.  Will this tide me over until Monday night?   Perhaps, especially since I need to use up the last of my spaghetti.  It will be interesting…

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