making food from anywhere, with anything


Hello everyone.

I’ve mentioned my food crisis here before.  I move out in less than two weeks, and have tons of meat in my freezer.  And tons of leftovers in my refrigerator.  There’s nothing worse than wasted food, in my opinion.  So, what oh what to do?

Well, in an effort to put the kibosh on my chicken leftovers, I improvised some “chicken salad.”  It isn’t really chicken salad because it doesn’t involve cups of mayo and other such things.  I’d argue this was much, much better as a result.

"chicken salad"

I didn’t really keep track of proportions or how much of what ingredients I was using (I was rushing out the door to the library) but I scooped in SOME mayo, lots of whole grain mustard (I use Maille; I find it’s the best), and like two or three sprigs of fresh thyme.  I chopped up a leftover chicken thigh and combined everything in a bowl.  I have about half left over for today, and I’m thinking about putting some cheese on the sandwich.  It’d be good with pesto, too.

See?  Leftovers can be so useful….

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