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cleaning out

Good evening everyone.

Check that out, I changed the layout.  It was time for a change.  Things needed brightening up.

Tonight, for a lack of better ideas, I decided to throw the most random ingredients I had together.  As we all know, sometimes this works out, other times it doesn’t.  Tonight, the combination involved olive tapenade, caramelized dates, and feta cheese in cabbage cups.  I needed to use the cabbage and tapenade I had hanging around before leaving for break.   This recipe involved literally 5 minutes of cooking, and perhaps 2 minutes of assembly.  It would make a good lunch, or in my case, a light dinner.

cabbage cups with olive tapenade, feta cheese, and balsamic dates


4 cabbage leaves

approximately 1/3 cup of olive tapenade

approximately 1/4 cup chopped dates

2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

3-4 TBSP balsamic vinegar


1. prepare the olive tapenade.  this involves throwing some olives (preferably kalamata) into a food processor with some olive oil and blitz.  if you don’t have a food processor, then you can mince the olives.

2. chop up the dates, set aside.  heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat.

3. take 4 leaves off of the cabbage head.  lay 1-2 TBSP of the olive tapenade in the cups.

4. once the olive oil becomes fragrant, add the dates and saute for about 1 or 2 minutes.  add the balsamic vinegar and saute until all the liquid is gone (this takes about 1 minute).  take off the heat.

5. place the dates on top of the olive tapenade.  garnish with some feta cheese.

I took inspiration for this weird combination from the bacon wrapped dates.  Sweet and salty is always an awesome combination.  In fact, it’s one of my favorites.  This dish has a little acidic kick from the balsamic vinegar, which accents the dates quite nicely.  The sharpness of the feta also adds an edge to the saltiness of the olives.  And, of course, the cabbage tempers the flavors well.  It’s fun to experiment, especially when you have absolutely no idea what to expect for the end result.  When cleaning out your pantry or refrigerator, go for it!  Do anything, do everything.  Let me know your weirdest combination, I’m always up for something new.

Perhaps tomorrow is breakfast for dinner?

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