making food from anywhere, with anything

a mushroom soup that does not involve heavy cream

Hello everyone.

It’s been a while (hasn’t it?).  For the past two days in Boston, the temperature has dipped below zero.  Although I had toyed with the notion of succumbing to Chinese takeout for tonight’s dinner, I instead decided to make a mushroom soup.

This soup is straight from Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook, with a few modifications.   I made the perfect amount of soup, for once.  When you’re cooking for just yourself, it’s hard to make the right amount of food – especially soup.  So, this recipe serves one, with leftovers for the next day.


approximately 10 button mushrooms (you can use more or less depending on what you’re into), sliced

about 3 TBSP unsalted butter

about 2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small yellow onion, finely sliced

1 leek, white and tender green bits chopped

1 sprig rosemary

1 bay leaf

chicken or vegetable stock

salt&pepper to taste


After all your ingredients are chopped, melt the butter in a medium-sized saucepan over medium heat.  Right before it browns, throw your onions in.  I let mine carmelize, but you can do whatever you want.  Stir occasionally so nothing burns.

Once they’ve reached a stage to your liking, add the leek bits.  Give it a stir to coat.  I let them cook for 1-2 minutes.

Add in the garlic and the mushrooms.  As you can see, the pot is crowded, so your mushrooms are most likely not going to brown.  You don’t want them to, anyway.  Well, I didn’t for my soup.  If you want them to brown, get a skillet and have at it.

Add in the olive oil and stir to coat everything nicely.  (It was getting a little dry in there, wasn’t it?)  Give it 2-3 minutes, then add in enough chicken stock to cover everything.  Put in the sprig of rosemary and bay leaf, cover, and simmer for an hour.

Yup, an hour.  I find the time really  lets the flavors come out.

If  you don’t want your soup to be chunky, you can wait for it to cool a bit and blend it in batches.  I don’t have a blender, so it was chunky, which I enjoyed.  I really love mushrooms, and they add a great dimension to this soup.  Well, they are the soup.  I served it with a side of Israeli couscous.  Soup and couscous? It was a weird combination, not sure I’d do it again.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the end result for tonight.  Once I take one, I’ll surely update.

Tomorrow: salade d’onglet.  I have the meat marinading as we speak.

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