making food from anywhere, with anything

change in plans…

Hello everyone.

Alas, the weekend is over and we must begin another working week.  I find that my stress abates when I cook.  Unfortunately, due to the ridiculous quantity of leftovers I’ve managed to collect, I’m going to have to limit my cooking this week.  I seriously hate wasting things, especially food.  I also have no more storage space for more food.  Ah, the challenges of cooking for yourself and sharing a refrigerator with another person (yes, I live with another person and no, we do not cook for each other).

The Khoresht Karafs was never made, and I’m going to scrap my cooking plans for the better part of the week.  I do have leeks that need to be used desperately, so perhaps toward the end of the week I’ll make a leek and mushroom soup with some of that awesome new chicken stock I have.

Although I won’t be cooking anything per se, I will be fashioning new dishes out of old ones.

More later…

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